23 March 2009

"YCM Panellist Training 2009"

The recruitment drive for panellists (2009 -2010) has ended in January 2009, followed by 4-day selection interview done in February.

A warm welcome to all newbie panellists joining the YCM Family. ^_^

They are currently undergoing a 4-day training programme planned by the HR Taskgroup Force, YCM. To be held on 20 & 21, 27 & 28 March 2009. Two Fridays and two Saturdays.

The newbie youth panellists will be taught essential knowledge such as the YCM grant workflow, grant assessment and online voting and commentary on the project applications uploaded onto YCM Forums.

All YCM alumnus and current panellists are invited to come mingle and network with the newbies on Friday 27 March 2009 @ National Youth Council (Somerset).

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21 January 2009

"Happy Lunar New Year!~"

Yeah! The Year of Ox is just round the corner. Mooooo moooo!!!



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06 December 2008

"What's up at YCM?"

Combined Panel Christmas Party
To be held on Saturday 20 December 2008! All YCM alumnus, current senior and junior panellists are invited to this once-a-year gathering.

Recruitment - New Panellists wanted!!

YCM is currently recruiting new panellists. YCM strives to invite people across various demographics and groups to come onboard the YCM Youth Panel.

For more information about YCM Youth Panel, do logon our YCM website - http://www.changemakers.youth.sg

For enquiries about joining YCM Youth Panel, you may email contact our Secretariat -> ycm@nyc.gov.sg

Calendar of Events

Below is the tentative calendar of events for next year 2009!!!

Jan 09 - Panel Meetings, Volunteer bash (for Youth Ventures); Closing date for YCM Panel Applications
Feb 09 - Panel Meetings, Appreciation to Outgoing Seniors, Selection process for YCM Panelists (2 weekends in Feb)
Mar 09 - Singapore Youth Volunteer Conference 2009, YCM training camp
Apr 09 - Panel Meetings
May 09 - Panel Meetings
Jun 09 - Panel Meetings, Possible Training Session, 3-month progress report on Panelists
Jul 09 - Panel Meetings, SHINE
Aug 09 - Panel Meetings
Sep 09 - Panel Meetings, Possible Training Session
Oct 09 - Panel Meetings, YCM Retreat, 6-month progress report/step-downs
Nov 09 - Panel Meetings,
Dec 09 - Panel Meetings, Christmas Bash 2009



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02 May 2008

"Newbies onboard!!~"

YCM Youth Panel has new strength!!! Hurray!!~

YCM welcomes the current batch of newbie panellists for Term 08/09!

They are....

Gan Zhang Quan
Yeong Kai Jun Geraldine
Lim Wei Qun Eddie
Kok Jia An Alwyn
Kumaran Kephren Ayanari
Lim Yu Xuan Kristin
Lee Tang Yin Krystal
Teo Wei Ling
Lee Ming An Benjamin
Chin Kin Seng David
Low Yim Tong
Alison Anne Joseph
Ong Han Ying
Kwan Yue Hua
Tan Hui Ling
Leow Wen Pin

Muhd Rasyid Bin Abdullah
Lee Carmen
Teh Chin Yin Grace
Chan Chiang Joo Nicholas
Leonard Benjamin Louis
Hoirull Amri Bin Tahiran
Goh En Qi Daniel
Ong Chu Xian
Liang Zhen
Lee Jun Rong Terence
Heng Jin Joshua
Benjamin Joshua Ong
Liew Yee Lin Elene
Heng Shu Hui
Deng Bo Wei
Tan Yan Pei Alyssa Rae
Chen Tian En Malcolm
Lee Heng Bin Gabriel
Shafiyahtun Najak
Ma Jun Da
Chee Ka Mung
Chen Yuan Feng
Mohammad Hazril B Rosle
Teo Shu Li
Ang Wilson
Sim Poh Leng Pauline
Islina Bte Ismail
Ng Chew Yee
Cheong Li Anne
Lim Ri Hao
Choo Pei Ling
Muhd Nabil Bin Noor Mohamed
Loh Yi Bing
Ma Anyi

Welcome to YCM Family!
They will be sitting on Panel 7 - 10, reviewing YCM youth project applications, together with some seniors.
An informal gathering will be held soon to allow the seniors and the alumnus to know the newbies.

Young Singaporeans out there, do you have a youth-initiated community project which needs funding? Come to us!

Check us out at our YCM website.

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01 January 2008

"Happy New Year!!!"

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! Woohooo!!!

It is 2008!!

Let's hope that it would be a good year ahead for all of us. ^_^

Upcoming Event!!!

The Youth Ventures - one of the sections @ National Youth Council (NYC), is organising a S.Y.N Appreciation and Networking Party for youth volunteers who have participated in the SHINE, Young ChangeMakers and National Youth Forum (S.Y.N) programmes in 2007.

It is also a platform to introduce/ induct new youth volunteers to NYC's volunteer community; maintain working relationship or explore new avenues of collaboration with existing and potential event and corporate partners; and maintain/ re-establish links with youth volunteers, who participated in NYC programmes.

The details for the party are as listed below:

Date: 3 January 2008 (Thursday)
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: DXO @ Esplanade Theatres By The Bay (8 Raffles Avenue)
Guest Of Honour: Mr Teo Ser Luck, Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development,Youth and Sports and Chairman for NYC

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23 October 2007

"Singapore bidding to host Youth Olympics 2010"

Singapore is bidding for her right to host the inaugural Youth Olympics 2010!

Why should Singapore be considered the ideal city to host the event?

Fellow Singaporeans, what are you waiting for?
Logon to www.singapore2010.sg to cast your support for Singapore NOW!!

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08 August 2007

"Singaporeans to strive ahead!!!"

In his televised National Day message to the nation tonight, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called on all Singaporeans to work together to transform the island-state country and make it a special home for everyone.

He said in 10 years' time, it would be a new Singapore with its own unique identity and a can-do and never-say-die spirit of the Lion City.

PM Lee also brought good news about the economy in his televised message.

Economic growth in the first half of 2007 was 7.6%, higher than expected, and for the whole year, growth forecast has been raised to between 7 - 8%.

Singapore is celebrating National Day in a happy mood with four good years of growth, said PM Lee. Many things to cheer about – Singapore's athletes are winning medals, students are excelling in international events and the country is gearing up for new and exciting projects like the Formula One Grand Prix and the integrated resorts.

On the economic side, 111,000 jobs have been added in the first half of the year and unemployment is very low at 2.4%.

PM Lee said: "Singapore is growing not just because of more investments or more workers. Our people are adapting and working smarter. We are organising ourselves more efficiently and making better use of our resources. In short, we have increased our productivity. Our efforts to transform the economy are paying off."

Looking ahead, PM Lee said Singapore is poised to take off, with many projects already underway. Among them are the integrated resorts and the banking and financial centre.

While Singaporeans come together to help build the nation, PM Lee said there is a major challenge which could affect the country's social harmony and national cohesion, and that is the widening of income gaps here and all over the world.

He said while Singapore cannot stop or reverse this global trend, it can do a lot to help Singaporeans cope with it. He said one reason for the widening income gap here is the ageing population, so the government is making changes to help Singaporeans work longer, earn more and build up their retirement savings. It will enhance the value of HDB homes and improve the CPF system so they can enjoy a steady income and peace of mind in their golden years.

PM Lee said: "The government cannot solve all these problems alone. Everyone must play a part. We each must take responsibility for ourselves, make the effort to do well, and provide for our families and our old age. "At the same time, the more successful Singaporeans must pitch in to help the weaker ones. The more you have gained from society, the greater your obligation to give back something to your fellow citizens."

PM Lee said the government would tackle these issues one by one and Singaporeans have every reason to be confident about their future.

He said, "The global backdrop is favourable. The winds and tides are with us. Our spirit is high, and our ship is ready."

PM Lee's call to all Singaporeans is to seize the moment to sail ahead into the bright and exciting future.

We Will Get There - Stefanie Sun

My Island Home (Chinese version) - Kaira Gong

Will You - Sebastian Tan, Jadani Sridhar, Asha Edmund, Emma Yong, Lily Ann Rahmat, JaiWahab, Shabir Mohammed, Gani Karim


The fire of passion among YCM panellists will burn continously, seeking all out to influence youths positively, to create opportunities for young Singaporeans to make a meaningful difference to the lives of communities around them!

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